Supplier Information


Notes to Supplier Regarding Purchase Order from Mictron Inc.: If there are any discrepancies on this Purchase Order please notify Mictron, Inc. immediately. Any custom specifications / requirements, revision status, design, verification, process requirements, inspection instructions, test specimen, test requirements or use of statistical techniques for product acceptance will be listed in the description section of the PO. If the supplier has knowledge of nonconforming product, the supplier must contact Mictron, Inc in order to potentially get approval for shipment of the nonconforming product.

The supplier must immediately notify Mictron, Inc if there have been any changes in the product and/or manufacturing process, Mictron, Inc must approve the changes prior to shipment. When requested, the supplier must grant access to Mictron, Inc., our customer, and regulatory authorities to all supplier facilities and all applicable records involved in executing the PO. The supplier must also flow down all applicable requirements and key characteristics to sub-tier suppliers using their own purchasing documentation. Records must be retained for a minimum of 3 years unless otherwise agreed upon.