CAMWorks and SmartCam's FreeForm Machining, gives Mictron an edge on the competition.

Integrate Design With Manufacturing Engineering: Using solid modeling to engineer your products? FreeForm Machining allows us to machine directly from surfaces and solids (using .IGES, .ACIS or .SAT formats) or from wireframe (using IGES or DXF formats). Simply export your design, e-mail it to us, and Mictron will manufacture your part directly from your design. If your design model needs additional surface editing, FreeForm Machining offers robust NURBS surfacing tools to get the job done quicker. A shaded rendering of the design model lets us verify the design before we generate toolpaths.


The following are just some of the added features that FreeForm Machining brings to our table to help us continue to provide you with the best products at competitive pricing with the latest in technology.

Gouge Free Machining Verification: Virtually error free code provides us faster first piece articles so we can get your parts into production quicker.

Shorten Part Delivery Times: FreeForm Machining gives us comprehensive roughing, finishing, pocketing, profiling, and drilling solutions that help us shorten part delivery times.

Bottom Line: Faster, Better, More Accurate parts for you….our customer. In today's competitive manufacturing markets, to be on top we must stay current with the ever-changing technologies that drive our industry. At Mictron, we are committed to do just that. With our multiple axis machining, Swiss style turning and now total surfacing capabilities, along with 50 years in the business, we believe that we can provide that total package you are looking for. That one stop vendor to meet all your manufacturing needs.